The last few decades have resulted in an almost total overhaul of the music industry, and through it all Ralph Tashjian has been breaking acts while predicting and adapting to every change of direction in the business. He’s one of the sharpest promoters, executives and entrepreneurs in the music industry, delivering value to the world’s biggest labels and acts, or indie artists and bands, and everyone in between.
Ralph began his career in the industry as a major-label promoter and executive, and has since founded several businesses dedicated to breaking and marketing new and established acts. He got his start as a promotion rep for MCA/Universal before moving on to 20th Century Records, and then to Motown and Island Records. He was an unstoppable force in getting new, emerging or established artists on the airwaves, including Elton John, Bob Marley, Robert Palmer, Smokey Robinson, and Dianna Ross.
`` The music industry has been great to me throughout my career.
We're glad to be part of the movement to give power directly to the artists this business is built on.``
– Ralph Tashjian
As the radio era changed shape, Tashjian saw that independent record promoters were the ones holding the power in the new landscape. An entrepreneur at heart, he jumped into the indie promotion game with his signature talent and passion, making hits for Dr. Dre, Guns N’Roses, Madonna, and Prince.

Forward-thinking vision next led to his creating SMC, the first indie label of Fontana Records. With SMC, Ralph created a label that was a 50-50 partner with the artist, again turning the industry on its head. Rakim, Killer Mike and many other West Coast hip hop artists lined up with SMC, making it one of the most successful labels of its kind. Even rock idols the Beach Boys signed on, for their 50th anniversary concert recording.
Again adapting to the movement of the industry, Ralph founded Digital Music Universe, a comprehensive digital distribution solution for independent artists. The company was acquired by Intercept Music (OTC pink: SNWR), a comprehensive online music marketing and distribution company dedicated to independent artists. As Chairman, Ralph’s extensive relationships with industry executives and strategic partners helps the company fulfill its mission to empower independent artists to take control of their careers.

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